Horst Lettenmayer


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Horst Lettenmayer is a former actor, engineer, entrepreneur and founder, over 40 years ago, of BETEC Licht AG, company now managed by his daughter Julia. For the former actor Horst Lettenmayer ("eyes" at the TATORT trailer for 30 years), present designer and chairman of the Board of BETEC Licht, the rationale behind the creation of the company was his passion for light which inevitably resulted in the development of stand-alone lamps. Innovative creative energy very soon turned into market success.

The first product, a ‘picture light’, was granted copyright. Today, minimalist designs and innovative technology remain both the expression and guiding principles of the company’s philosophy.
The Clarus painting light was developed in 1978 by Horst Lettenmayer for “the Paintings House” in Munich. In its extremely minimal design, the light output should only serve its original purpose. The continuous light band of this light is protected by an international patent regarding the contiguous sequence of individual light bulbs set in a light chain. The result: a warm curtain of light covers valuable paintings while leaving the art shine through it. ... More ... less

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