Joe Velluto


Vicenza / Italy

Active since the early 2000s, JoeVelluto studio made a name for itself on the international design scene, thanks to its experimental and research approach, with a strong communicative and positive slant. Thanks to many years of experience, the studio has developed a versatility in the world of creativity and innovation, smartly switching from the cultural to the commercial context. In fact, the studio works both with large companies and SMEs, startups, organizations, institutions, museums and no-profits, adopting a constantly different and multidisciplinary point of view, aiming directly at the heart of the request, through the insights generated developing a profound relationship with partners. For these reasons the studio has one heart and two eyes: JoeVelluto, the avant-garde and responsible innovation design philosophy, which generates sense, the real soul of the studio, and JVLT, which makes the most of the creative potential to generate the best outcome which can help companies in an economic, responsible and sustainable growth. ... More ... less
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