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Copenaghen / Denmark

Knud Helmuth Holscher (Rødby - Denmark, 1930) is a Danish architect and industrial designer. Holscher graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts School of Architecture in 1957, having studied under Arne Jacobsen. Only three years later, he found himself working for his professor on St. Catherine’s College, Oxford, and thumbing through stacks of brochures to piece together its own products line. Having established Knud Holscher Design in Copenhagen in 1995, Holscher has since worked with a team that includes his architect son, Rasmus, and that designs everything from future-proof buildings like Copenhagen’s Kastrup Airport, to many daily objects, covering a broad field of competencies.

Regardless of the project, Knud Holscher's goal is to direct design at the private user, while keeping in mind the product's use in public spaces. A clear and unambiguous design identity and thorough attention to materials are the hallmarks of architect Knud Holscher. Holscher has won over 70 awards, including many iF Design Awards that recognise his design excellence. ... More ... less

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