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Dorno / Italy

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Born in 1955 in Dorno (PV). He is one of the founders of the movement New Futurism during the 80s, created by the reviewer Renato Barilli. Thanks to the futurist experience, Lodola learned the passionate use of colors, the explosive energy of the light and above all, the idea of art as essential part of life, without elitism and arbitrary boundaries. Since 1983 he has been exposing his plexiglass works in Rome, Milan, Florence, Bologna, Lion, Vienna, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, and Amsterdam. In 1994 he was one of the first European artists invited by the Chinese Republic to expose in the ex archive rooms of the imperial city of Beijing. In 1996 he exposed in USA in Miami and New York. He participated in the 12th Rome Quadriennale and in the 6th Sculpture Biennale of Montecarlo. In 1999 he designed the “Dancing coffee cups” collection for Illy. He is also known by the general public for his collaboration with people of culture and show business, with writers such as Aldo Busi and Marco Lodola and with some of the most popular people of the Italian music, the Timoria, the 883 of Max Pezzali and Jovanotti. He furnished the San Remo Festival with his sculptures. He collaborated with companies like Coca-Cola, Fiat, Moretti beer, Dash. As Roberto D’Agostino writes in “Lodola” edited by Mondadori: “The aspect of showmanship inherent in the contemporary system leads Lodola to produce images reflecting the human destiny with cynical and playful accuracy: exhibition as exhibitionism, as inevitable cancellation of the ideological, sexual and moral depth. The killing of the depth marks the point of maximum excitement of the surface. Therefore plastic becomes the mirror of the life’s artificial character, lived as the only nature possible, like the natural background of the modern human being”. ... More ... less

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