Marco Williams Fagioli



Born in 1974, after attending the Art Institute in Perugia he moved to Urbino where he studied graphic and industrial design and photography at the ISIA (Superior Institute for Artistic Industries) of Urbino.
In 2001, he jointly founded Zup Design studio in Perugia with Andrea Medri and Livio Zupicich, an agency which deals in communication, design, interiors, exhibition design and design for the arts, for both private businesses and the public sector, and presently holds the position of Creative Director. He is currently working on design projects for private homes, museum spaces, communication and industrial design projects.
He has been professor of Methodology of Design at the NID (the New Design Institute of Perugia) since 2009. As of 2014 he has been teaching design at the Pietro Vannucci Academy of Fine Arts in Perugia. In 2016 he was selected to participate in the XXI International Triennale Exhibition in Milan. ... More ... less

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