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Chiampo / Italy

Raffaello Galiotto, born in 1967, was born in Chiampo in the province of Vicenza. After attending the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice, he founded his own design studio in his hometown in 1993. From a young age he showed a special interest in experimentation in the field of design, beginning to design products in injection-molded plastic and then gradually moving on to the use of natural materials, especially marble, with which he creates objects and coverings. He specializes mainly in the furniture sector and combines his interest in the material with technological research and the development of innovative production processes in order to expand every expressive, spatial and geometric possibility. Particularly prolific is his association with Nardi, a historic company based in Chiampo that specializes in the production of resin outdoor furniture and is present in more than one hundred and fifteen countries around the world. He became art director and signed all the products giving the Vicenza-based company uniqueness and international recognition as evidenced by the various awards and recognitions won over the years.

Also important nationally and internationally is his continuous promotion work for the artistic use of natural materials, stone and marble, through the use of new digital technologies and numerically controlled machinery. Successful examples are three-dimensional coverings such as Palladio, Drappi, Tulle, Engraved Stones and Luminous Stones made for prestigious brands such as Lithos Design, Grassi Pietre and Kreeo Decormarmi. He designs numerous products and collections by constantly investigating the characteristics of stone and marble, such as surface, gravity, color and waste reduction. His studio is involved in projects ranging from photography to interior design and installations. In over thirty years of practice he has designed and produced over one hundred and fifty projects for many of which he has received numerous international awards such as: the Best Communicator Award at Marmomacc 2008 and 2009 and Luce e materia and Materia Litica awards in 2011; Top 10 innovations, Garden Furniture Park 2010, Spoga+Gafa in Cologne; the Red Dot Award in Product Design with Nardi's Net relax chair in 2018, which also earned him the Good Design Award that same year; the 2019 Good Design Award and 2020 German Design Award for Nardi's Komodo sofa; the 2020 Green Good Design Award for Nardi's Komodo EcoWall partition; the 2020 Archiproducts Design Awards and 2020 Good Design Award for Nardi's Folio armchair.

He has organized exhibitions and conferences on design, serving on the board of ADI Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. His projects are published in books and magazines and exhibited in international events, especially in collaboration with CMC (Consorzio Marmisti Chiampo). Since 2014 he has been curating "the Italian Stone Theatre," an experimental pavilion at Marmomac. Significant events include "Palladio and Lithic Design," Verona, Vicenza, Leeds, Frankfurt, 2008; "I marmi del Doge," Verona 2009; "Luce e Materia," Verona, Milan, 2011; "Materia Litica," Verona, 2011; "Raffaello Galiotto, Lithic Design," Beijin 2011; "Pets Village," Milan 2011; "Stone Gate," Verona 2012; "Opus Motus," Verona, Milan 2013; "Design and Technology," Verona 2014; "Digital Lithic Design," Milan, Verona 2105; "Marble_2. 0," Milan 2016; "The Power of Stone," Verona 2016; "Digital Design Evolution in natural stone," Utrecht, The Netherlands 2017; "Virtuous Machines," Verona 2017; "Liquid, Solid, Lithic" and "Art Paths," Verona 2018; "Natural Things" and "Art Paths," Verona 2019; "Next Creatures," Milan 2023. Publications include "Palladio and Lithic Design," 2008 CMC; "The Doge's Marbles," 2009 CMC; "Light and Matter," 2011 Solubema, Etma, De Merbres Sprimont, Marbrek; "Raffaele Galiotto. Digital Design and Lithic Materiality," 2012 Libr├Ča; "Marble 4.0," 2017 Marsilio. Galiotto has also participated in conferences and given lectures on lithic design internationally and served as professor of design at the University of Ferrara from 2011 to 2019. ... More ... less

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