Stéphanie Marin


Nizza / France

Born in Marseilles in 1973, Stephanie Marin focused very early on eco-design : in 1990 she made textile recycling a fashion trend, and she then created her “Habits Magiques” ready-to-wear line in 1995, with which she found success. Since 2004, she decided to extend her researches to design and habitat, and proposes a design without compromise between comfort, design quality and dream, which reads functions that are now of prime importance in a long-term way.

With a commitment of osmosis between the intention and the form…

It is the body language induced by use that guides her throughout the design work. Within accomplished and shifted ideas and forms, her projects are a reminder of the closeness of the link between art and design, and are spreading aver object to scenography throughout space design. She proposes a universe that is non-conformist, playful and dreamlike. ... More ... less

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