Elena Albricci, Claudio Fiumicelli

Milano / Italy

Studioventotto is a multidisciplinary design studio. Its expertise ranges from the interior design to the digital communication. Studioventotto thinks and realizes creative solutions that meet the diverse needs of companies, professionals and individuals.

Design >
Every new design product represents for us an occasion to look for an ideal balance between form, function and narration.
We are inspired by the Italian design tradition, combining craftsmanship and new industrial processes.
A project that we think for a company starts by respecting the identity of the brand itself, and proceeds by stages from the definition of the concept to the realization of technical drawings for production.

Interior design / interior renovation >
Our quality of life is closely linked to the spaces where we spend our days.
Our goal is to design homes that respect the way of being and thinking of whom live there, offices that help to make less heavy and more pleasant the working hours; places where you feel comfortable.
We deal with internal renovations from the preliminary and final design, the creation of metric calculation and analysis of the costs, up to the final design, the preparation of building practices and the management of the yard.
We also follow the furnishing projects, supporting the customer in the choice of furniture and accessories that meet their needs and desires.

Brand identity / graphic design >
We build visual identities and we develop them through a coordinated communication.
Our goal is to create the graphic design that best expresses the idea of ​​our client, connotated with an original and captivating character.
We create drawings for a wide range of applications, from printing on various types of media to the web. In particular we take care of:
- logos and brand application manuals
- corporate identity
- posters and flyers
- packaging
- signage systems and pictograms
- illustrations

Web design
Internet is one of the most effective means to get in touch with its customers. We believe that a web site has to be built on specific requirements different case by case. It also should send a message perfectly coordinated with the brand and the image you want to propose.

The digital world is constantly changing. Thanks to constant updating, we are able to identify and implement web solutions:
- innovative and efficient
- a strong visual impact, with a layout designed specially
- simple to manage independently
- accessible from any device
- easily accessible on the search engines
In fact, we take care of all the aspects promoting the ranking on search engines (SEO) and we provide the most advanced monitoring tools for testing the traffic performance in real time.
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