Tom Kelley


Venezia / Italy

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The multi-culti Designer Tom Kelley was born in East - Germany, after heavy problems with the system there and their consequences (2,5 years in Stasi-Prison) he came in the mid-70´ies in the west. Studied in Aachen, in Munich and in Long Beach / California. Lives since the end -90´ies in Venezia / Italy, in the beginning simply coincident, just to be near the italian clients. Later companies from Germany, Austria, Czech, Japan, USA, Holland, Turkey, Indonesia etc. brought him around the world, sharpening his eyes for the essential and important things. His east-background somehow provides the capability to find solutions even in tough solutions, finding compromises which lead to the final points.
All this is valid as well for all the houses, shops, stands for fairs etc. which he designed through the years. Just like the reconstruction of the famous Michael Thonet Villa in Bystrice pod Hostynem and the planning a chair-museum in the neighbourhood. ... More ... less
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