13&9 Design

Martin Lesjak, Eva Lesjak, Anastasia Su

Graz / Austria

13&9 is an interdisciplinary design label from Graz, Austria, with an international focus. The label is a fusion of the architects from INNOCAD and fashion designer ANASTASIA SU.

The output of this creative community comprises design services and products in the sphere of furniture, fashion, light and sound, etc. All draw on the dynamic field between a definition of form and function inspired by architecture and fashion design that is constantly reinventing itself, along with the wide range of contrasts such as male and female or permanent and ephemeral.

Thanks to this wide range of influences, the overall result is a unique design concept that combines functional necessities and innovations with exacting aesthetic standards and emotional components so as to create added product value, “the soul”, the nucleus of 13&9 design. ... More ... less
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