André Arbus


Parigi / France

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The sparkling spirit of the 1940s is probably best expressed through the work of André ARBUS. Born to a family of cabinetmakers, ARBUS complemented his skills by gaining a classic art education at the TOULOUSE School of Fine Arts.
He settled in Paris in 1933, winning recognition by advocating a return to French traditions and quality. The true heir to 18th century continuity, his first official orders came in 1936, followed in 1939 by an exhibition of his works at the New York World’s Fair. From 1946 onwards, he worked on the interior design of sea liners, took part in a large number of exhibitions, and multiplied public and private prominent achievements. His first pieces of furniture designed as sculptures in 1952 led him to devoting the rest of his life to sculpture.
ARBUS spent his entire life holding high his loyalty to arts and crafts and his will to promote the integration of art with decorative arts.
Needless to say he could not remain indifferent to the art of master glassblowers. He hence designed chandeliers, wall lights and table chandeliers in collaboration with VERONESE, the most stunning example of this collaboration being undoubtedly the sumptuous fountain chandelier he designed in 1949, since reproduced.
The life and work of André ARBUS spell the trail of a designer for whom “beauty meant trying to convey a near-spiritual dimension to his furniture”. ... More ... less
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