Daniele Lago


Villa del Conte / Italy

Daniele Lago was born in 1972, Chief Executive Officer and Head of Design LAGO. The youngest of ten brothers, Daniel, after a volleyball career, in the early 2000s begin entering in the company feeling the immediate need to generate meanings, not stopping at the mere production of pieces of furniture. Daniele has believed from the start in the “people-centered” and “culture” as a strategic development Assett of the family business, turning the only family run under management with strong focus on merit, fairness, openness and contamination managerial. This simple and innovative recipe allowed to turn their little LAGO craft into a company that today has nearly 200 employees and a turnover of almost 30 million euro, an international company that is a reference point in the design world. As Head of Design, Daniele has identified a new vision of design, whose center of gravity passes by the designer to the user, developing in Lake no longer defined products, but products prepared for dialogue, which function as alphabets or ingredients. Daniel has the belief that everyone can and must develop their creative potential and that’s why the products designed by him are the matrices in which the consumer and the interior designer can put their own to have it. Suspension, modularity, color, contrast and mimicry are the genetic codes of the products designed by him. ... More ... less

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