Dario Tanfoglio


Brescia / Italy

Dario Tanfoglio was born in Orzinuovi, Brescia, in 1958 and after 20 years was awarded the post of Director at Leotecno Elettrodomestici. During his time there, he was involved in artistic design, but also started to work in the industrial world and its products, collaborating in research and development of new electro-domestic products. He undertook independent projects and developed relationships with various industrial names up until 1986, the year in which he accepted the position of Manager of Thema Design, an industrial design firm. In 1990, he decided to open his own Industrial Design studio and created La Beta Engineering.

His work there is theoretically divided into three phases that in reality are closely interconnected: design, engineering and the creation of prototypes. Technical and technology choices, aesthetical solutions and formal proposals express the quality of the implemented design process: these are in effect the result of a direct and ongoing interplay with the production and economic needs of the company as well as the cultural and functional needs of the end user. Numerous working relationships with important companies such as Guzzini, Merloni Progetti, CCe Balmik, DBD, Coltellerie Montana, Lagostina, Tre A, DBD for Philips, have helped to build his extensive know-how in the plastic and electromechanical products sector. A number of his products have been exhibited at international exhibitions including: 1993, Paris, “Design: Miroir du Sìecle” 1993, Verona, “Abitare il tempo - progetti e territori” 1996, Copenhagen, “European Design - Design as Identity”. ... More ... less
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