Giovanni Muciaccia



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Giovanni Muciaccia was born in Foggia and went to the Mario Riva Academy and to the Dramatic Arts Academy in Palmi, Calabria.

He made his television debut on Rai Uno in 1992 with Disney Club and conducted La banda dello Zecchino on the same channel for the following two years. He took part to the third Nanni Moretti Sacher Festival with a short film entitled Sformat.

In 1998– 1999 he became the television conductor of Art Attack, one of the Disney Channel’s flagship programs that acquired such a reputation to be also broadcast on Rai Due.

He was Cornelio Robinson Italian dubber in the 2007 science fiction – action film Meet the Robinsons.

In 2010 he conducted Freestyle, produced by Magnolia/De Agostini, on Sky’s Dea Kids 601, a format unique in which children’ bedrooms were made over, based on their passions, on their dreams, on their aspirations.

In April 2015, he became head of the X Makers, a group of inventors who make new technological prototypes aired on Dea Kids; for the first time, this program spoke about technological literacy for children in a global television format.

In 2017 Sky called him for the promotion of Raffaello Sanzio il Principe delle Arti in 3D film.

From September of the same year he became Sereno Variabile presenter.

The following year he started another adventure in the world of divulgation with 5 cose da sapere and in 2020 he presented La porta segreta, both broadcasted on Rai Due. ... More ... less
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