Markus Berenwinkel

Norimberga / Germany

Since 1987 we've been collaborating with a diverse range of product and customer industries across continents. We are experts in creating innovative solutions in the areas of design, engineering and product development. Together with our customers and partners we work on successful products with a strong brand personality and high market potential. We are specialized in seating design and product development for the office environment, but this hasn’t stopped us from taking on projects from other sectors.

Tailored product design and development

Our approach to design and development reflects our teams dynamic, with openness and experimentation at its core. We can solve big problems by combining our technical understanding early on during concept generation and evaluation. We brainstorm and mock up ideas, and take the time to understand what our clients are looking for.

Patents 100+

We take our product concepts and solutions through to manufacturing and secure the necessary patents for our partners. Since ITO was founded in 1987, we have registered approximately 100 German and international patents. More than 90% of these pertain to the corporate office furniture market, 80% are for mechanical elements for office chairs. These include patents for synchro-mechanisms, lumbar supports, armrest and headrest solutions. These developments give us and our customers both an economic and technical advantage. Most of our patents are transferred to our clients during product development. ... More ... less

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