Jean-Philippe Nuel


Nogent sur Marne / France

From the Interior design of the first Baccarat hotel in DubaL to a Taj hotel in India, from Le Grand Baicon, a boutique hotel In Toulouse, to the conversion of the Palais de Justice In Nantes, Jean-Philippe Duel has given his name to a succession of original projects, each different from the last. The common factor is that they are all deluxe hotels, a field In which lean-Philippe Duel has established himself in recent years as one of the new internationally respected names.
Ma renowned architect, he is on occasion persuaded to move away from his main field of activity to pursue other types of project such as private apartments, showrooms (the De Dietrich / Pierre Gagnaire gallery and that of Lellevre), boutiques (the Pole flagship store in Tokyo) or the staging of the Salon Meuble Paris. An architect by training, success In his career has not been a matter of chance. He was born in the east of France into a family In which two of his uncles were architects and his parents passionate about decoration and design.
"Among the piles of interior design magazines at home, we had things that today have become some of the great classics of design, such as a Saarinen table and chairs, an Arco lamp by Castiglioni and the Pipistrella lamp by Aulenti. It is rather fun to know that I could use these same things today in environments that would still be considered completely contemporary.'
Jean-Philippe Nuel followed family tradition in studying architecture, at the Beaux Ads (1JP4) in Pads. He nevertheless had no illusions when starting his professional career after gaining his degree. ... More ... less
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