MOLTENI / BARON associati

Stefano Baron, Massimo Molteni, Elena Molteni

Cantù / Italy

MOLTENI/BARON ASSOCIATI is vision, collaboration, and the strength of an idea applied to architecture, interior and product design. the firm is established on January 1, 2015 by architects Massimo and Elena Molteni, and engineer Stefano Baron. It is a young firm, but with experience and solid knowledge acquired and matured by the three partners in their individual professional paths. Dynamism and wisdom, innovation and awareness, fueled by a common desire to grow and get involved, qualify the firm and the generational mix from which it is composed.

The growing design complexity, the need to respond to new requirements are an integral part of the work of the MOLTENI / BARON associati Studio. In architecture, the ability to enhance the place in the social context is a fundamental requirement to develop projects that serve people and put architectural and construction quality, environmental, social and economic sustainability at the center. In design and furniture, curiosity in investigating new forms, materials and technologies is the basis of the culture of the project; it is the engine that drives Studio MOLTENI / BARON associates to investigate all possible solutions, freeing the mind and the gaze, constantly questioning established habits.

In architecture, the design has involved private and public use buildings: civil (residences, administrative, commercial, cultural, productive and educational buildings) and religious (restoration of cult monuments of artistic and architectural value). The product design assignments carried out concern furniture complements, furniture for living and sleeping areas, and accessories for furniture and kitchens. The studio has collaborated and collaborates with leading industries in Italy and abroad. Interior design assignments include furnishings for homes, commercial, public and worship spaces, showroom fittings and exhibition stands. All projects are characterized by passionate research and analysis of the needs of everyday life, the design idea is based on the tailor-made design of each individual element according to the needs, dreams and also the budget of each client, tailor-made projects for each context. ... More ... less
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