Robby & Francesca Cantarutti

Robby Cantarutti, Francesca Petricich

Buttrio / Italy

Robby Cantarutti and Francesca Petricich’s studio was founded in 1995 in Buttrio (Udine) and deals both with industrial design and architecture.
The studio developed several projects for furniture companies such as: arrmet, natison sedia, sintesi, and bart design.
The projects used to create the industrial design objects stem both from the careful analysis of the new technologies and of the corporate productive capacities. Focus on details and fun designs are their signature mark without ever neglecting formal synthesis to reach the maximum results during the production of the piece. Some pieces received awards during the “top ten” and “maniago coltelli” contests.
As regards architectural works they mainly focused on residential units and they reflect the above features. ... More ... less
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