Sebastian Wrong


Londra / United Kingdom

Sebastian Wrong is a designer with a background in the manufacturing industry, giving him a unique perspective and bringing an array of technical and creative skills to his product designs. With a portfolio of work spanning furniture, lighting, accessories and gallery projects, Sebastian Wrong is a designer, creative director and specialist in modern manufacturing. Having worked with some of the most pre-eminent designers and companies of the era, his portfolio of work includes critically acclaimed and award-winning products.

A founding member of the Established & Sons brand, where he remained creative director until 2012, Sebastian is now head of the progressive London-based lighting design company, Wrong.London. The ‘Spun’ lamp, made a huge impact when first exhibited internationally in 2002, it has since won the prestigious Red Dot design award and is currently being produced by Flos. Together with Mark Holmes Wrong formed the multifaceted creative organisation ‘The Lane’ in 2003 that produced a collection of design products, graphic identities and exhibition designs.

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