Studio Memo

Roberto Tapinassi, Maurizio Manzoni

Firenze / Italy

The journey of StudioMEMO began in the 2001 from the interesting convergence between the over ten years experience of prof. Roberto Tapinassi and the unique expression of the architect Maurizio Manzoni.
The meeting point between the two projects was the decision to pursue a common that would address issues in a meaningful way of today living, seeking to bring innovative solutions, designed to continue the logic of good design, typical of Italian design purposeful and grounded in research. The Study fields action therefore, were classic (Architecture, industrial design, exhibition stands, etc..) and the most strictly related to visual communication and art-form (and fashion styling, interior design, graphics, etc.).
Since the beginning of this journey the Study uses the assiduous and constant cooperation of the designer Federico Visani, of the architect Antonio Fara and prof. Elizabeth Benelli, dedicated to research and teaching in the fashion world. Over time, the arch. Tizzani Emanuela and designer Cristina Cani bound the Study. The StudioMEMO is an open to the constant research for dialogue and people collaboration with varied expertise and professionalism. With this background the Study is needed to meet every needs during the normal planning process being able to count on a group of prototypes and technical consultants are always able to solve the problems of verification and development projects stressing that an important feature, Is the opening to the constructive and sincere dialogue among the various internal components and external collaborators. ... More ... less

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