Studio Zero

Anna Seminara, Maria Francesca Cicirelli

Como, CO / Italy

Studio Zero is a multidisciplinary creative studio offering product design, interiors, exhibitions and art direction founded in Como in 2015 by Anna Seminara and Maria Francesca Cicirelli. Anna Seminara began her career in the world of restoration and interior design for important private clients, immediately nourishing her passion for the design of furniture and furnishing accessories. Maria Francesca Cicirelli combines her artistic and product designer training with extensive work in the field of graphics and visuals.

The beginning of their collaboration takes advantage of their multifaceted and complementary backgrounds, expanding their skills and expertise in the field of design and creative consulting. Working for prominent companies in the sector, they have expanded their services to range from large-scale interior and showroom design to small-scale products and furnishing accessories. Their intent is to translate the philosophy and specific objectives of each client into projects and images, ascribing particular importance to attention to detail and the quality of the message.

At the same time, they engage in intensive artistic research and personal production activity arising from the essential need to experiment and create with their hands, and also making use of skillfully crafted, extraordinary Italian artisan fabric. This activity, pursued outside any client commission, is the fullest and deepest expression of the studio’s philosophy and conveys its stories and imagery without filters. Studio Zero Editions was born in 2020 for the precise purpose of collecting and presenting all the products and works resulting from this tireless research and the creative encounter between ideas and craftsmanship. ... More ... less

Products designed by Studio Zero

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