Taidgh O'Neill


Los Angeles / United States

The artist and designer Taidgh O’Neill lives and works in Los Angeles, California. After training in carpentry and cabinetmaking as well as interior remodeling, he studied fine art at UCLA. O’Neill operates his own large studio with a workshop, where he creates residential and commercial millwork. Since 2013, O’Neill has also turned his focus to furniture design. His designs, produced as bespoke pieces or in small editions, are shown in galleries in Los Angeles, New York, Sao Paolo, and Seoul.

With his formal language, Taidgh O'Neill continues the work of artists such as Donald Judd and moves between art, design, and craftsmanship with his work. Influenced by his art studies, his objects combine overlapping planes and proportions derived from abstract painting and sculpture. “I am interested in making things look broken and yet stable in that brokenness,” explains O’Neill about his process of working with natural materials and minimally assembled configurations. Taidgh O’Neill understands his work as a continuous process of shifting between a functional and sculptural identity of the objects. ... More ... less
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