Vilhelm Wohlert



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Vilhelm Wohlert’s pared-down furniture designs reflect a unique understanding of the structural interplay of design elements where nothing is left to chance.
Indeed much the same can be said of his unaccentuated architectural design of the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which showcases the art collections in balanced competition with open views to the surrounding parkland. Vilhelm Wohlert’s most celebrated furniture designs include the Louisiana Chair and the Piano Chair - the latter is particularly noted for its sculptural qualities as a result of his less-is-more ethos.
The Triangle Chair was serving the visitors of the Louisiana Museum since it opened in 1958 in Humlebæk, Denmark. The museum was designed by Vilhelm Wohlert and Jørgen Bo. The Triangle Chairs provide a location to admire the landscape, balancing the beauty of the art inside the museum. ... More ... less
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