Vincenzo D'Alba


Roma / Italy

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Architect, designer, artist. He graduated cum laude at the Faculty of Architecture “Valle Giulia” of Università degli Studi “La Sapienza” in Rome with a thesis on Architectural History and Architectural design entitled “Il Palazzo delle Biblioteche: teoria, storia e progetto. Ipotesi per il Campus universitario di Bari” (it is published by Mario Adda, Bari 2009). His supervisors were Prof. Arch. Francesco Moschini and Prof. Arch. Franco Purini.
Currently he is a collaborator of Prof. Arch. Francesco Moschini for the teaching of Architectural History and Contemporary Art History at the Politecnico di Bari. In 2007 he coordinated the T.E.S.I. project (European Interuniversity Experimental Thesis) with Prof. Francesco Moschini and Eng. Francesco Maggiore.
He collaborates with Francesco Moschini's Foundation, with Gianfranco Dioguardi's Foundation, and with A.A.M. Architettura Arte Moderna, which invited him to participate in the project “Duetti / Partite a scacchi sul disegno”. While developing this project, he carried out “four handed” works with A. Anselmi, C. Aymonino, M. Beccu, G. Canella, A. Ceccheto, S. Cordeschi, A. Femia 5+1AA, M. Galantino, M. De Lucchi, N. Di Battista, A. Oreglia d’Isola, A. Ortiz, P. Portoghesi, F. Purini, F. Raimondo, R. Rizzi, L. Semerani, B. Servino, A. Siza, E. Sordini.
He won the Premio Giovani Architetti 2009 promoted by Accademia Nazionale di San Luca. The same year he participated in the exhibition “Architettura incisa” organised by Istituto Nazionale per la Grafica. He collaborated in seminars, lessons, cinema events and exhibitions.
His works are in the collection of Maxxi, the National Academy of San Luca, the National Institute for Graphics, the AAM Architecture Modern Art.
He works as architect and designer. He is the author of reports and articles dedicated mainly to art, photography, and he is editor of "Quaderni di Varia Cultura" promoted by Dioguardi's founation. He also made pictures and illustrations for books, newspapers and posters. ... More ... less

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