Welling Ludvik industrial design

Hee Welling, Gudmundur Ludvik

Copenhagen / Denmark

Welling/Ludvik creates industrial design with an ambition to reach an optimum solution seen from more than one perspective- comfort, construction, material, price and environmental sustainability are always essential factors. Welling/Ludvik create modern industrial design that never neglects the contemporary technological possibilities and challenges in society. For Welling/Ludvik the focus on rationality of production is an important facilitator of design:

»You should not drain the artistic freedom by only thinking in terms of production, but on the other hand, you need to know from the start, what it is, that you want to create.«

Welling/Ludvik believe that good design has the ability to be interesting, even when reduced to its most simple form. Their design is characterised by pure and simple lines, where everything superfluous is removed, and where every detail has a function. These are classic design principles, in which the duo gives renewed life by focusing on the conditions for production, the innovation of material, and market needs of today. ... More ... less

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