Rødovre Municipality / Denmark

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DETALE CPH is a Danish company that develops delicate, tactile surfaces with attention to details. Inspired by the Nordic design heritage and nature’s mutability, DETALE’s wall products create the prefect frame and surroundings to the overall purpose of space.
In 2014, DETALE CPH developed the first coloured plaster in the Nordic region. Working with designers and trend experts, colours have selectively been developed to match nature and organic materials. That’s why DETALE is a good fit for architects and designers all over the world.
With admiration for natural materials, contemporary luxury and timeless appeal, DETALE’s products create a minimal, yet warm and secluded feeling.
With a few simple steps, DETALE CPH has managed to create unique looks and remain user friendly. DETALE CPH has developed easy-read user guides and instruction videos, which makes it possible for everyone to create walls with debt and personality in their home. Every home is distinctive, every wall is different. DETALE CPH delivers products to smaller DIY-projects as well as large, high-end commercial project. ... More ... less


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