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In DIABLA we love enjoying the outdoor life! We're the sort of people who spend more time outside the house than inside. We like the beach, the countryside, a terrace or an urban park. Even better if the weather is good. But if it isn't, we don't let it spoil our day. We have an open, enthusiastic and cosmopolitan approach to life in the open air, so we never stop thinking about new formulas for enjoying outdoor living in all kinds of environments and surroundings at any time of year, whatever the weather. We're particularly keen on ideas that express new lifestyles, with a free and easy, creative attitude to being outside. Our designs don't shy away from colour or from experimenting with shapes and materials; they explore new concepts or turn existing notions upside down. There's no room for more of the same in our design strategy. We know there are Diabla people all over the world... they're as unconventional and unpredictable as we are. They have bold, colourful, original, elegant personalities; they search for creative designs for stylish settings. And you, do you have a Diabla attitude?

Creative furniture by DIABLA

We're a new brand but we're not new.
DIABLA is a new brand of outdoor furniture, accessories and complementary items. The designs are typically casual, original and creative, with new formulas for enjoying outdoor living in all kinds of settings and at any time of year. DIABLA is a brand with an inspiring attitude that offers creative ideas for stylish settings. The bold, colourful designs not only contribute something new, they are also the expression of new lifestyles.
DIABLA is the third brand of Gandia Blasco Group, a new business adventure backed by this prestigious firm with close to eight decades of experience in the domestic and international contemporary design sector. The collections are developed with the support of resources and expertise accumulated by the company in terms of the design, production and development culture that prevails in the business. Customers can purchase items from the DIABLA collection in the brand’s own online store, www.diablaoutdoor.com, as well as in the usual Gandia Blasco Group points of sale. ... More ... less
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