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Dieffebi is developed in the production plant at San Vendemiano (TV) over an area of 9,000 sq.m. Since its establishment in the 1970s, Dieffebi has always specialised in metal working, over the years becoming an international point of reference in the sector of furniture for office, home and the community. Dieffebi is a structured production environment, able to work directly in all phases of the manufacturing process: from design, to prototypes, from manufacture to finishes. It uses avant-garde technology, top quality materials and processes which have a low environmental impact, continuously investing in research and innovation to have an ever more advanced production know-how.

Beyond the borders of the company

From the territory to the world: Dieffebi produce and exports products and solutions to more than 50 countries, constantly interacting with different cultures and contexts. Specialising in metal furniture means that the company is able to offer suitable solutions to various markets, always guaranteeing the highest level of quality and service. Dieffebi’s manufacturing philosophy is oriented towards lean production. The production line is already organised during the design phase in order to obtain faster deliveries and more efficient logistics, with greater customer satisfaction. Dieffebi has obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates and works according to the principles of quality, the environment and safety. This methodology is an integral part of the company philosophy and business culture which requires all the players in the chain to constantly try to improve. Attention is also paid to quality at the after-sales stage, during which the company continues to help customers and supply them with service and advice.

Ideal partner for real projects

Each work project requires a suitable space. For this, Dieffebi helps the designers and architects from the idea development phase and in defining the work environment, offering solutions which best meet the customer’s requirements and those who will work in that space. Interpreting those requirements is part of the DNA of Dieffebi, which translates designs into products and solutions, responding to functional, aesthetic and budget requirements indicated by the designer. Dieffebi is a reliable partner for this, since it puts into service its specialisation in metal furniture to design work environments and collective areas so as to ensure comfort, well-being and a consequent better productivity on the part of the user. Dieffebi offers as standard a wide range of products able to meet various storage and organisational requirements, intervening where necessary even on personalising the furniture, to leave the greatest creative freedom to the designers.

Storage for more than 30 years

For more than 30 years Dieffebi has specialised in the manufacture of metal storage containers for archiving, organising and holding work and personal items in public and private environments. The aim is to create products and systems able to order, contain and protect important documents and personal items, which may also be able to organise and subdivide the most varied spaces, thanks to modular, transversal systems, able to be adapted to suit changes in requirements. Dieffebi pays attention to the evolution of work spaces and constantly invests in updating its own products. All Dieffebi furniture - from drawer units, to cupboards, to bookshelves - are designed with a view to redefining work spaces and they incorporate the necessary technology and ergonomics to meet contemporary requirements of flexibility and modularity.

Technology for personal use

The person and the user are at the centre of Dieffebi’s design thinking: the objective of the company is that of creating products which serve to give the greatest comfort to those who use them; they should be functional, ergonomic, flexible, able to have accessories and secure. In other words, products with contribute to creating positive environments around people and their changing needs, in order to increase productivity and quality in working and communal life. For this reason Dieffebi products are flexible and can be reconfigured by the user based on the various storage needs. They are designed to also respect privacy and safety requirements in the workplace, for also safely keeping personal items. They contribute to well-being in the workplace thanks to the possibility of having accessories with sound-absorbing panels to substantially reduce noise pollution. They create features of the spaces with pleasant shapes and coloured details which can be personalised, contributing to the creation of a stimulating work environment.

Smart working

The office is changing. If the dominant working model is forever moving towards principles of efficiency and effectiveness of communication, of a fluid transversal nature and interaction leaving aside physical places and work tools, the contemporary office space concentrates on its main mission, that of making the work environment sustainable and productive. New offices allow users to choose the most suitable space based on the work to be carried out, individual or collective. They increase collaboration space, areas for formal and informal meetings, spaces dedicated to concentration. Everything is integrated with shared work stations and flexible layout which can be reconfigured to create new and more functional productive environments. Storage therefore becomes of prime importance in the creation and division of new collaboration spaces; it adds flexibility to the organisation of spaces and allows them to be reconfigured. The Primo and Dotbox modular systems best meet these requirements. Furthermore Dieffebi storage containers and drawer units can be suitable seats for encouraging informal meetings and for organising areas for spontaneous meetings.

Design and technology for work use

In dynamic environments excellent acoustics become an absolute necessity in order to support concentration and comfort, and therefore well-being. Primo Acoustic cupboards combine storage, space dividing and sound absorbency in just one product. Even in terms of design, the office combines with home furnishings to develop open and colourful environments ensuring a pleasant, efficient environment. ... More ... less




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