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Since 1975, Dierre has been a sector leader in the production, marketing and sales of safety, interior and fire doors that use state-of-the-art technologies and exclusive software to provide the home with unparalleled security. Dierre doors keep the world out of the house, guaranteeing the family's peace of mind. Dierre security doors become an integral part of the home as genuine furnishing accessories that adapt elegantly to any style, from the most minimal and contemporary to the most sophisticated and classic. Dierre has always been committed to environmental sustainability, focusing on the people who work with the brand and the customers who use the products. For this reason, Dierre has obtained international certifications that guarantee the quality and healthiness of its products. Synergy-Out Green and Green Plus doors have a unique anti-condensation patent and a certified PVC frame. Dierre also adheres to the US Green Building Council (USGBC) standards that indicate the degree of environmental sustainability in terms of energy consumption and savings, taking into account all building components, including doors. Dierre metal fireproof products have LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification.

Dierre doors: security, design, sustainability

From interior doors to safety doors for public spaces like hospitals or supermarkets, Dierre is synonymous with security. Sleek is an armoured door with a concealed hinge, an important detail when it comes to safety. Inspired by aircraft door technology, Sleek can open to 180° while still maintaining outstanding insulating performance. Its flush-with-the-wall installation makes it a high-design element thanks to coplanar integration with the wall; its latest generation security features prevent any break-in attempts. The New Idra fire door is one of the brand's most popular models, ideal for public spaces like cinemas, restaurants and warehouses. Flexible and available in custom colours and finishes, New Idra comes in an entirely blind version in steel or glazed. Dierre doors are not only beautiful and safe, but they are also equipped with systems to make everyday life easier. Elettra is an armoured door with a keyless system that uses only a microchip card. The lock is triggered as soon as the card - the size of a credit card - is brought near the door. Assigned with a unique code that cannot be cloned, if the card is lost or stolen, it can be blocked without changing the lock. It can be programmed to unlock several doors at home and office.

Dierre, security doors since 1978

Alessandro and Vincenzo De Robertis founded Dierre in 1975. As early as 1978, they produced the first industrialised security door whose purpose was to protect the home. Models soon multiplied with new technologies and improved production processes until, in 1990, the company had five factories. In the 1990s, Dierre was already an international leader in the security door sector. Over the years, the company established a network of partners and specialists throughout Italy and in many parts of the world to satisfy customer requests and support them in the post-sales phase to resolve all their problems. With new applications that allowed the creation of entirely coplanar security doors as integral parts of wall surfaces, the first interior energy savings and fireproof doors and products were born. Dierre doors are fully customisable and equipped with high-tech, easy-to-use locks. Performance and aesthetics are combined with the company's exclusive locking software. Special software is used for product configuration to manage orders in a system that dealers can consult anywhere in the world to track fabrication, delivery, and final installation. Today the Dierre network is present in several European and foreign countries - always ready to meet customer needs. ... More ... less

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