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Disenia is a company specializing in the design and production of shower trays, bathtubs and shower boxes. Founded in Pisa in the late 1980s, it stands out from its beginnings for its refined and minimalist design. In 2006 Disenia joined Ideagroup, leader in the bathroom furniture sector, which includes brands such as Aqua, Idea, Blob. The fundamental value of the company is made in Italy, which is reflected in the quality of the workmanship, in the technological research, in the attention to detail and in the choice of materials that are durable over time and that comply with EU regulations on safety and sustainability. The functional and wellness-oriented design, refined and minimalistic, has helped to create products with a strong aesthetic connotation and easily recognizable. The company is also characterized by its propensity to craft and handmade work, tailor-made and customizable for any context, from the domestic to the contract sector. The use of innovative materials such as solid resin surfaces for the production of shower and bath trays adds added value to the products signed by Disenia. These include Aquatek,Technogel and Cristalplant, moldable in any form, resistant, bactericidal and waterproof.

Disenia shower boxes and cubicles

The Disenia catalogue offers a wide range of shower boxes and cubicles with a well-finished design and countless finishes, making them real pieces of furniture. Among the shower boxes with frames stands out the Space collection, elegant and attention to the smallest details. The frame is available in 6 finishes and with a choice of colors in the Ideagroup package. The 4.0 collection stands out for its ultra slim frame and its wide range of solutions, from the hinged door to the sliding door for niches, to the angular shower with hinged or sliding door. The Focus shower cubicles collection is a real system with complete solutions for every need. Equipped with 6 mm tempered glass, they feature technical details such as the closing profile with magnet holder, a door release mechanism and double-sided handles. Free is a complete and versatile shower box, available in the versions for niche closure, two sides, three-sided cubicle and in the curved glass model. Among the frameless shower cubicles, the trendiest solution is undoubtedly the Walk In shower, whose most spectacular application is the wall-mounted shower with recessed shower tray. Walk In comes in 5 different glass finishes, also available screen-printed.
The Slim collection brings the essentiality to the highest levels, with the frame reduced to the lowest terms, thanks to technical virtuosity. Micro profiles inserted under the glass allow the shower cabin to be installed on the outer edge of the tray, giving it a clean and essential appearance. The two-sided handles allow easy and safe access inside the box. The Luce model stands out for its contemporary, minimalist and clean design, with profiles reduced to the minimum. The top side of the glass has no profile, thus creating an effect of unmatched lightness, while details such as the continuous zipper with the shape of the profile and the different trend finishes make Luce a product capable of giving a touch of sophistication to the environment.

Disenia shower trays and bathtubs, innovative materials and contemporary design

The Disenia catalogue offers several collections of shower trays characterized by a great flexibility in size and shape, which allow an optimal use for every need. The rectangular flush-mount floor shower tray Onda is made of Aquatek and has a thickness of only 2 cm. Available in 5 color finishes, it includes 2 square and several rectangular versions. The Kubo shower tray, which can also be custom-made, is available in two versions with a flush-mount floor and recessed surface, for an absolute comfort between the floor and the shower tray. The Join shower tray collection is characterized by high-performance materials, thanks to the use of Tecnogel, a solid antibacterial and non-slip surface. Available for flush-mount floor or recessed installation, in rectangular, square or custom-made shapes, it is available in 6 different colors, from white to charcoal grey.
Disenia's designer shower trays are perfectly suited to the shower boxes and shower cubicles of the catalogue. Also, in this case, great versatility in corners, niches, walls and walk in solutions.
The bathtubs proposed by Disenia are mostly free-standing models in acrylic resin. The Oval and Equal models, made of Aquatek, stand out for their essential and harmonious design. Oval has a perfectly oval shape, and is also available in a version with panels and in 5 color variations. Equal is characterized by a rectangular shape, free standing or with panels, and it is equipped with a chromotherapy system and airpool massage function. Enveloping shapes with a slightly retro mood characterize the Wave bathtub, made of Cristalplant with a matt white finish or, only for the external part, in the matt lacquered and soft touch colors of the Ideagroup sample collection, and in Mineralmarmo with a glossy white finish. ... More ... less

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