Fifty years of history, balancing craftsmanship and innovation. A company that is now an international reference point for the production of handles with an accent on high-quality design. The story of Dnd builds on the age-old dedication to crafts and industry that is widespread in Val Sabbia, in the province of Brescia, in Italy: a region with centuries of material know-how where, in 1968, the company Fmn Martinelli was founded. Today, under the name Dnd, the company is directed by Vilma Martinelli together with her children Pietro and Simona: their ambitious goal is to create a hotbed of ideas, combining extensive experience in production with the creativity of architects and designers of great value, specifically engaged in the design of products. Designers, craftsmen and suppliers are an active, precious part of the identity of Dnd, which as a historic forge of production looks to the present and the future with optimism: a solid corporate – and territorial – mission at the service of Italian and international contemporary design ... More ... less

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