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Directly from our heart and our desire to innovate. From our experience and expertise. From our enthusiasm to participate in creating your perfect home... Thus Dressy was born, as the dream of a few, that comes true to realize the dream of many others. We managed that the elegance and character of metal find the path to merge with the purity and delicacy of wood. At the same time meets the versatility of ceramic which convey from the force of the stone up to the personality of the oxide. Our furniture was born of this beautiful alliance, where avantgarde and character connect with warmth and harmony, creating a product designed to captivate.


Sharing the experience and know-how from Dressy with the creativity and professionalism of Yonoh and Santiago Industrial Design. Born out of this successful co-operation is the new Catalogue. Versatile and timeless designs that evoke unique sensations. Designs of great
personality and elegance created to inspire... Designs that perfectly fit the Dressy’s spirit.

Focus on quality:

The small details are that differentiating factor that makes that design not just another design. An important premise that many people overlook, but to which Dressy dedicates a considerable effort. Constant research into new technologies, materials and trends leads us to create models with high quality and design standards, achieving full acceptance in international markets. In addition, all production processes are regulated by European quality standards and the tests carried out by the Spanish Furniture Technology Institute.
The internal quality department submits the prototypes to the most demanding tests before their approval in order to start the production process. We are ISO 9001 certified. In addition, Dressy is particularly sensitive to the environment. Proof of this is that currently all our production processes are respectful of the environment, as shown by the obtaining of the ISO 14.001 certification. ... More ... less

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