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Dyson was founded in 1993 by Sir James Dyson, who remains Chief Engineer and Chairman.
From its beginnings in cyclonic vacuums, Dyson’s portfolio has grown to include battery enabled and autonomous vacuum cleaners, hand dryers, lighting, heating and cooling fans, humidifiers, air purifiers and hair dryers, which are exported from the UK and sold in 75 markets globally.

Dyson: Company

Headquartered in Malmesbury, UK, Dyson is a family business employing 9,000 people globally. Over one third of its people are engineers and scientists.
Dyson has 40 live university partnerships developing early stage technologies, including a joint robotics lab with Imperial College London, and a Chair of Fluid Mechanics at University of Cambridge.

Dyson: Research and Development

Dyson holds 7,500 patents worldwide and is focused on combining hardware, software and algorithms to make intelligent machines which understand their environment and how to improve it.
Dyson's interests are broad: artificial intelligence, machine learning, hardware and software, robotics, fluid dynamics, vision systems, battery cells and super capacitors, acoustics… 
Dyson’s Research and Development Campus in Malmesbury extends to 56 acres, providing 129 state of the art laboratories for 200 technology projects. ... More ... less

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