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e15 is a German company that operates globally in the furniture sector, proposing a style that merges quality, aesthetics and art design in unique, made-to-order solutions. The German brand has created its own aesthetic canon - innovative in both form and method. Instantly recognisable thanks to the meticulous choice of materials and a modern approach, e15 products are geared towards every market segment, from residential to contract to retail. The e15 sales structure includes over 550 partners in Europe, the United States, Asia and Australia, while its headquarters and showroom are located in Frankfurt. The brand's prestige is further reflected in its collaboration with some of the furniture industry's most renowned designers and artists. In addition to architect and founder Philipp Mainzer and art director Farah Ebrahimi, the company has welcomed the ideas and projects of numerous creatives in over a half-century of history. Since its inception in 1995, e15 has developed projects with David Chipperfield and Ferdinand Kramer. Association with such big names has resulted in successful products like the Bigfoot table and the Backenzahn stool, considered true classics of contemporary design.

e15: from the living to the sleeping area

The e15 catalogue is characterised by extraordinary variety. The German company offers a wide range of home design ideas for living, sleeping, cooking and lighting. e15 produces modern and attractive armchairs and sofas for the living area characterised by graceful lines, practicality and ergonomics. Like the entire e15 catalogue, the company makes extensive use of solid wood for chairs and tables, used according to innovative and creative design and manufacturing methods. The company's modern and experimental conception is coherently reflected in the design of bedroom furnishings - from night tables to beds - and kitchen accessories, all conceived according to an elegant concept of living, combining the art of furnishing with the science of function. Minimal lines and cutting-edge taste also differentiate e15 interior lighting products, including versatile solutions for pendant, wall, floor and table lamps. e15 products are expressions of creative flair resulting from deep aesthetic research. At the same time, they fit into any context. e15 specialises in custom projects that can be modified in relation to specific space and taste requirements.

Not only home design! e15 for offices, public facilities and retail

e15 is active across the board for the customised furnishing of offices, public facilities and contract spaces. The company produces a wide range of desks and meeting tables characterised by formal sobriety, aesthetic minimalism and optimisation of space, with a view to decorum and elegance. e15's contract furniture offers a series of solutions for public and corporate facilities - in particular lounge areas - that can be customised according to need and aesthetic preference. The collections of sofas, armchairs, chairs and tables are perfect examples of this approach. The German brand's design for catering establishments is distinguished by a modern and attractive way of using space, cleverly demonstrated in its restaurant tables, high tables and seating. e15 complies with sustainability standards by using only recyclable raw materials selected according to environmental and quality parameters. Solid wood furniture is made from PEFC-certified European oak and walnut from sustainable forestry - a label that carefully verifies that its suppliers operate in accordance with EU environmental awareness requirements. ... More ... less

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