Pieve di Soligo / Italy

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The first Eclisse nucleus was founded in the 1960s in Pieve di Soligo in the province of Treviso as an artisan-based metalworking company that evolved into a manufacturer of counter-frames for sliding doors and windows. For Eclisse, innovation is substantiated by the forty patents obtained by its brilliant research and development division. The company listens to users and installers to improve its products so that design, aesthetics, and function always go hand in hand. For Eclisse, innovation is also respect for nature; the company's production processes fully respect people and the environment. For this reason, Eclisse boasts an exceptional number of national and international certifications for production quality procedures, environmental standards and workplace safety.

Eclisse sliding and flush doors

Choosing Eclisse means selecting the best flush-to-wall counter-frame that becomes an integral part of the home. The sturdy product can close a hinged door perfectly in line with a wall. Shodō Scorrevole is a system for hinged flush-to-wall doors with a concealed door that integrates jambs, cover frames and skirting boards. The result is a unique, functional and beautiful element without depth, controlled by fluid and effortless movement. Classic is a telescopic solution with a counter-frame that houses two doors that slide parallel to one another in the same space. For large openings, increased light and air and large rooms, the structure can include as many as four parallel doors. The system is very useful for dividing space and can be completed with a wide range of finishes to complement any context with elegance. The automation system for Eclis 5 doors is a jewel of home automation. The intelligent closing/opening system is invisible from the outside. It supports a delicate automated door movement that, in case of power failure, permits manual operation in complete safety after only ten seconds.

Eclisse: counter-frames for pocket doors

The utility of a counter-frame is genuinely unique. The resistant metal structure allows designers to optimise space with cutting-edge solutions that meet every aesthetic and functional need. High technology lies behind the concealed element - a result based on decades of research and experimentation of new and original solutions. The highly flexible, versatile and acoustically insulating Eclisse products resolve any situation regarding the assembly of windows and sliding doors. The concealed counter-frames are adaptable to any wall material, from plaster to plasterboard. The exclusive ECLISSE Luce Unico patent allows the introduction of switches and lighting points right next to the sliding door's opening.
Thanks to its skills in the production of sliding doors and windows - a real innovation for the time – the original artisan metalworking shop became a point of reference for the door and window sector. In 1989, Luigi De Faveri included the shop in his sweeping entrepreneurial project. Beginning in the 1990s, the company conducted intense research to improve its products and create new custom solutions. Expansion brought renown to Eclisse even outside national borders. Today, the company is a leader in counter-frames for sliding doors and windows, providing solutions for acoustic insulation and variations that resolve the age-old problem of placing doors in curved walls. ... More ... less

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