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Founded in 2002 in a modest warehouse in the Sydney suburbs, EcoSmart Fire is a brand specialising in the design, production and marketing of bioethanol fireplaces. In 2004, the company became part of the Mad Design Group which promotes and distributes the brand. In a short time, EcoSmart Fire became a major industry player through its commitment to innovation, creativity, design and sustainability. Today, the company's award-winning products are distributed in more than 75 countries and are used in residential, hospitality and commercial projects, both indoors and outdoor. EcoSmart Fire products are characterised by their efficiency and compliance with the strictest safety standards; they are approved and certified by numerous international protocols. Bioethanol fuelling has innumerable advantages. It is the heating system of the future, an alternative to fossil fuel combustion. Due to the "clean" combustion of bioethanol alcohol obtained from the fermentation of biomass, fireplaces using this type of fuel supply do not produce soot, harmful substances or dangerous sparks and do not require chimnies. This makes bioethanol fireplaces versatile, with installations free from the constraints of traditional fireplaces, a factor much appreciated by designers. EcoSmart Fires fireplaces are perfect for new construction, yet their versatility makes them easy to integrate into existing fireplaces or spaces.

EcoSmart Fire. Efficient, safe and environmentally friendly burners

The EcoSmart Fire catalogue offers a wide variety of environmentally friendly burners and designer fireplace inserts. At the heart of all EcoSmart products are burners distinguished by their elegance and cutting-edge technology. Developed by the company's in-house R&D department, the burners are tested and approved for efficiency and safety. From fuel transfer and ignition to flame adjustment and extinguishing, every aspect is designed for maximum performance and ease of use. Made of stainless steel, they are also available in a black painted version. Models include the versatile XL900, the light and compact BK5 and the slender but spacious XS340, a smaller version of the XL range. EcoSmart Fire burners are used in various fireplace and stove collections, and in freestanding models like the Flex fireplace insert collection.

Flex, the versatile and designer collection of fireplace inserts

Flex is the most comprehensive range of fireplace inserts. The models can be easily configured for any architectural or interior design project, whether an apartment, restaurant or luxury hotel. The combustion chamber is in black-painted galvanised steel equipped with a wind shield and a decorative glass panel closure. These features make Flex series fireplaces suitable for outdoor installations. All fuel is housed in a self-contained burner, so there is no need to run pipes or cables through walls. Installation is quick and easy since the fireplaces do not require component assembly. Each Flex fireplace comes with a decorative black glass insert placed in the firebox compartment around the burner. The Flex collection includes 219 models with 6 different solutions to create countless configurations. Consumers and designers can opt for a wall-mounted installation with the Flex Single Sided Fireplaces line, available in the classic compact format or in versions with panoramic glass. Or they can choose corner models from the Flex Left Corner Fireplaces or Flex Right Corner Fireplace lines, available in compact or panoramic glass versions. The Flex Bay Fireplace and Flex Peninsula Fireplace, which open on three sides, and the Flex Double Sided Fireplaces, which open on two opposite sides, are perfect for aesthetically attractive solutions. Even more distinctive are the Flex Bay Fireplace and Flex Peninsula Fireplace lines, open on three sides, and the Flex Double Sided Fireplaces line, open on two opposite sides.

EcoSmart Fire free-standing solutions for indoors and out

The EcoSmart Fire catalogue offers freestanding solutions for indoor and outdoor spaces. Elegant and striking, the Designer Fireplaces collection is distinguished by the airy glass combustion chamber of the Ghost and Igloo models, which include AB3 and BK5 stainless steel burners, respectively. The Fire Pits collection includes a series of freestanding outdoor fireplaces and stoves, like the Mini T model, which is light and easy to move around, or the Stix model with its arresting and eye-catching design. POD concrete outdoor fireplaces evoke the shapes of bowls or large circular vases. Available in different sizes and in Natural, Bone and Graphite finishes, they come with AB8 circular burners. The new Nova line is inspired by the POD line but features an inverted truncated pyramid shape. The EcoSmart Fire catalogue is completed by the Fire Tables collection, including, among others, the rectangular GIN 90 series in various heights, the square Base 30 and Base 40, and an elegant coffee table with an integrated Manhattan 50 fireplace. ... More ... less

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