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Italy is the cradle of creativity. Its artisan tradition and style are known and admired throughout the world, so much so that the Made in Italy mark has always constituted sought-after added value. An Italian product can immediately be recognized for the attention to details and the aesthetic values it expresses. In the wake of this great tradition, since 1978 EGOLUCE has been creating Made in Italy products, mostly collaborating with Italian companies and craftsmen in order to offer its clients a high tech and design product. The rigorous selection of high-quality components and materials and the processing guided by criteria such as total quality enable us to produce and offer clients a vast range of light fixtures for all types of use. Products of which we are very proud. Products Made in Italy.

Sustainable development

Global warming and the urgent need to drastically cut energy consumption and CO2 emission are now worldwide recognized problems. In this new era of awareness everyone has a role to play, no matter how small or big. EGOLUCE is an environmentally conscious company and has revised his collection proposing in this catalogue a wide range of low consumption products which are highlighted by the mark ES (ENERGY SAVING). This is a way to help consumers to make eco-friendly choices contributing in this way to sustainability.


2015 was proclaimed by UNESCO as International Year of light and light-based technologies. The lighting industry lives this particular year with a technological background in rapid evolution which creates great opportunities for innovation. Also for EGOLUCE this is a year full of news with an upgrade of both the design and the decorative collection. The catalog is enriched with innovative design products attractive for their look and at the same time for their technical / functional features. A the same time a number of other fixtures have been modified or redesigned to suit the new technologies recently adopted and tested in the technical collection.

EGOLUCE CUSTOM for your tailor-made solutions

We like to think we can be for you not only "one supplier as any other", but a partner to turn to when the need arises for a customization. One of the advantages of producing still today in Italy is to be able to respond quickly to your special requests. No matter whether they are related to sizes, colors , light colors or technical features such as dimming or emergency lighting.

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