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The products of the ekinex® line are developed and produced in Italy. Thanks to a qualified and competent team, SBS has created a product that embodies the essence of Made in Italy design, attention to detail, cutting-edge technology and innovation. Designed for a global market, the ekinex® products are the expression of the new Italian tradition that combines attention to craftsmanship in the manufacture of the product and high levels of technology. ekinex® promotes the idea of an Italian design that is not a mere aesthetic exercise, but includes, as basic elements, user friendliness, immediate understanding of the function and balanced and intelligent application of technology.

Ekinex® is an initiative developed in 2012 thanks to a group of technical experts in automation and in particular of the KNX standard. After the development of a fi rst set of certifi ed products, in 2014 offi cially he published on its website for the global market, operation that allows you to connect with the many operators of the home and building automation, architects and interior designers. To date, ekinex® is directly present in 70 countries around the world by exporting its know-how and typically Italian quality design.

The range of ekinex® KNX devices includes system devices, devices dedicated to single application functions and accessories. System devices allow basic operation of the bus system, while the devices dedicated to single application functions are developed specifi cally to execute the command, control and/or monitoring the technical systems in the building, like lighting, heating or shading. They include switching, control and display units, sensors and actuators, etc. Each device is fi tted internally with a communication module linking to the KNX bus. All devices are realized in multiple mounting versions (protruding or recessed walls, electric cabinets or panels on DIN rails as per EN 60715) in accordance with their destination of use and with the main installation modality. The KNX certifi cation guarantees the interoperability among the devices of different KNX manufacturers. ... More ... less