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Ekinex S.p.A. is an Italian company that since 2012 design and develops products for the home & building automation for the KNX standard. “When technology meets design” means presenting a product with a strong technological content that is at the forefront from an aesthetic point of view. Design becomes the driving force for technology, the key to opening traditional homes and buildings to the home & building automation world. To date, Ekinex is directly present in 98 countries around the world by exporting its know-how and typically Italian quality design.

Ekinex provides a range of systems and products by following directly all the product life cycle, starting from the concept and ending with the storage of the production in the warehouse. Reasearch and development is entirely made inside Ekinex laboratories and concerns both electronic (hardware, firmware, software) and mechanical with the aim to explore always new and advanced technology together with modern and sophisticated design. Ekinex devices are subject to product registration and certification by accredited laboratories in conformity to KNX standards and all the mayor international quality certifications. All the products are present in the BIM library in the Autodesk Revit® 2016/2019 format, usable by installing the Ekinex BIM Content Creator software, a real advanced configurator of the Ekinex range. Ekinex has also developed a configurator that allows you to create a project, define the requirements of a system, choose the most suitable finishes and give the buttons a personal touch. Ekinex Planner is the ideal tool for designers who need to define the needs in a plant and for end users who want to test their aesthetic effect. ... More ... less

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