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Elica is a world leader in the production and sale of designer cooker hoods. The company is also a European leader in the design and marketing of electric motors for hoods and boilers.
Elica was founded in the 70s with the Casoli family and in a short time managed to acquire a consolidated know-how, the result of its dynamism and its continuous investments in the research sector. The company thus acquires high technical and aesthetic skills that converge in high quality products, exclusively Made in Italy.
Extensive experience, great attention to design, high quality, refined materials and state-of-the-art technologies are the reasons why Elica Corporation stands out in the reference market. Thanks to these key factors, Elica has also been able to revolutionize the traditional image of kitchen hoods: not just simple accessories, but unique design objects that improve the quality of your life.

Elica Group

Elica Corporation, headed by Chairman Francesco Casoli, and led by the CEO Mr. Antonio Recinella, has operated on the kitchen hoods market since the 1970s. Today the company has seven plants worldwide in Italy, Poland, Mexico, India and China. 3,800 employees produce 20,9 million pieces ranging from hoods, extract hobs to electric motors every year.
Elica Corporation has two core businesses areas: cooking and motors. The cooking division designs, manufactures and sells kitchen hoods and extractor hobs for domestic use, with the Elica brand as well as for the world's leading manufacturers of household appliances and kitchens. In the second area, Fime brand holds the number 1 position in Europe for the design, production and sale of electric motors for household appliances and boilers. For the Asian market, the company also produces hobs, ovens and sterilizers. The motors division manufactures and sells electric motors for appliances, hoods and boilers for household use.

Fondazione Ermanno Casoli

Fondazione Ermanno Casoli (FEC) was founded in 2007 to honor Elica founder memory. It aims at fostering the relation between art and industry, by promoting initiatives in which contemporary art turns into an educational and methodological tool, contributing to improve working spaces and innovation processes.

Elica shop on line on Archiproducts

Some of Elica products can be purchased directly on Archiproducts online shop, such as Snap, the 'Air Quality Balancer' which is able to monitor and improve the quality of the air in your home - and Marie, the smart fragrance diffuser. ... More ... less



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