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Ivo De Colle decided to set up Elmar in Biancade (TV) in 1978. From the very start, it stood out for innovation and research. When the owner's son, Stefano, joined the company in 1991, it started collaborating with external designers to develop original, ergonomic, moving systems. Over the years they have become the company's identifying strong points.

History and designers

The Elmar move towards more modern lines was speeded up in 2007 through the design-collaboration of Ludovica+Roberto Palomba. Exclusive furnishing solutions emerged, designed to satisfy numerous needs; EL_01, Playground and Slim are structured collections where symbol and functionality co-exist. Market and design accept the challenge and Slim is selected by the Adi Design Index in 2003 .
In 2014, Elmar calls on c+s Architects, Carlo Cappai and Maria Alessandra Segantini, to interpret a new kitchen concept, extending its convivial spirit beyond the space assigned With their sensitivity over materials used and well known for “Translation Architecture” research moving attention from the architectural item itself to how it relates with the context, c+s Architects, collaborating with Elmar, gave life to @home, to be presented at Eurocucina 2014.

ELMAR values

For Elmar, kitchens have always meant sharing and daily conviviality. A real macro-world, of tastes, essences, taste and emotions. Where extreme versatility allows you to reinvent space in just a few gestures, turning it into a multi-function, dynamic space. Listening and care over relations enable a new way to read daily happenings and have an up-to -date, top quality, state-of-the-art response ready.
Elmar products have three main values: man as the centre point, research and environmental sustainability; these have always made the company unique.

Research and development

Ongoing innovation and assiduous design analysis make Elmar stand out from the other players in its sector. Its numerous characteristic elements are an example; real, true company icons. Sliding table, Easy table, Wing table, Monoblock 0_10 are simple, functional projects, to become part of any collection, offering concrete, innovative, space optimisation. Sliding table is a great success: thanks to an international technical patent, it soon became a real landmark in the company's history. ISO 9001 process certification (since 2001) and Catas certification of doors, materials and characteristic elements stress Elmar's care over product quality and durability.
Elmar has always been sensitive over the environment; from its production plant to led used in finished products, the fil rouge of environmental sustainability dictates rules applied to production. In its design and production strategy, choice of raw materials and suppliers, production stages, recycling and transport are all based on absolute respect for sustainable values. Structures are made using ecological
Idroleb panels guaranteeing low emission of formaldehyde; and lighting systems use led to really lower consumption.
Most of the materials used for its kitchen systems are recyclable 100% and 70% of those purchased come from suppliers based within a maximum of 100 km from the company. Elmar uses a photovoltaic plant in its production cycle. Making it self-sufficient for 60% of the energy used. The company has always had a careful production waste collection and disposal system and optimises furniture and accessory volumes during transport.

Elmar worldwide

Become the ideal partner in the real estate business worldwide, both residential and office. That is what the company has created its Contract division for over the years; training resources for this sector's specific needs: fast interaction, design support, offer customisation and presentation, organisation, logistics and installation skills are all Elmar Contract Team strong points.

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