Gorna Orehovitsa / Bulgaria

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Encho Enchev-ETE company, established in 1990 at first with the production of auto parts, is gradually developing a second sector: concrete products for park equipment. The headquarters is located in the small town of Dolna Oryahovitsa, Veliko Turnovo Region in Bulgaria. Since 2005, with the renewed base and modern technologies, Encho Enchev-ETE launches on the market the first product lines with decorative concrete products for the park and the city. The company's team consists of qualified professionals with years of experience, innovative thinking and attention to new market technologies.

Encho Enchev - ETE beyond Bugary
The company has established itself as a leader on the Bulgarian market thanks to its quality, sustainable and functional products: there is almost no city, settlement or resort without benches, planters, anti-parking systems, park concrete decorations of Encho Enchev - ETE. Over the years, the company has successfully executed serious exterior designs in Varna, Burgas, Albena, Sunny Beach, Nessebar.
Between 2009 and 2016 Encho Enchev-ETE annually won prizes for the best architectural design in the National Exhibition at an international level.
In 2010, the company participated in an international exhibition for park furniture in Bucharest, Romania. The unique identity of polished concrete products opens the doors of the German, Italian, French, Lithuanian, Turkish, Greek and Molvadi market.

Sustainability certificates of Encho Enchev - ETE
As a prospect for sustainable development of the company, Encho Enchev - ETE provides and maintains an integrated management system that meets all the requirements of the global business community and ensures the competitiveness on the national and international market. Three international standards have been introduced:
ISO 9001 standard: quality management system;
ISO 14001 standard: environmental management system;
ISO 45001 standard: health and safety management system.
Currently Encho Enchev-ETE creates products that feature quality, sustainability, functionality and beauty, designed to provide a well-maintained, modern and aesthetic urban environment.
The product range meets the requirements of European and international markets. It is inspired by the social values of the modern city of communication, synchronization with nature, identity in diversity. The company offers fast, innovative and effective solutions, appropriate to customers need, professional craftsmanship and professional ability. ... More ... less




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