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Enea, founded in 1984, is an Spanish furniture manufacturer based in the Basque country. We specialize in workspaces, living spaces and public areas. With a craft approach to industrial processes, our engineering skills and a collaborative relationship with designers, we create aesthetic, resilient and user-centric seating solutions.   As a cooperative, we are closely linked to the community and our surroundings. This inspires us to design sustainably and drives a collective pride in our work — where everything we do revolves around designing products with a strong sense of belonging. The same pride we feel for our work we also feel for our surroundings: its landscapes, its people and traditions. What we make is intrinsically linked to what is around us.

Our raw material

This reliability of our furniture is largely due to our expertise with tubular steel. Ours is unique and specific to Enea; from its application, its superior grade, to its sections and system of jointing.

Colour is not an afterthought

Finish quality is engineered into the process. We have invested heavily in developing unique paint and lacquer finishes that give us our own colour options, greater customisation and increased savings in terms of paint.

Engineering meets design

Our strength lies in our collaborative and innovative approach to industrial processes. Combining our years of investigation with the knowhow from industrial designers, we manufacture dependable and aesthetically pleasing seating solutions. The word design in Enea is a short-cut to define a complex universe that constantly feeds and enriches our manufacturing processes. We believe that well designed products are the result of long-lasting relationships with designers. All of our products have arisen out of our close association with designers, such as the design group Lievore Alther Molina or designers like Josep Lluscà and Gabriel Teixidó. Their award-winning trajectory and deep understanding of manufacturing and functionality has been crucial in the creation of the portfolio of products you see on the following pages. It is also what has made Enea today an essential choice among architects and specifiers in more than 30 countries. ... More ... less

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