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Paterna / Spain

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Equipo DRT is the global fabric editor which talks on style and decor trends through its designs. A well-grounded and technical expertise and its passion for textiles are the core features of the design team for coordinating its designs. Inspiration arises from making the most of interior fashion trends, international markets synergies and new technological advances for spinning, weaving and finishing textiles. Every single fabric (sheers, prints, upholstery, outdoor, contract) starts with a great desire for self-improvement, inspiring atmosphere creations where imagination in decoration prevails. Day by day, step by step, during the last 20 years, Equipo DRT has been working to progress. This philosophy is transferred to each one of its fabrics. Always close to its customers, because without their support, Equipo DRT’s existence would have no meaning. That is why Equipo DRT goes now one step forward to come closer to them, to you, and to help you with your creative project, offering you its professional, agile and technical service. Because Equipo DRT and their fabrics talk, listen, decorate and inspire. ... More ... less




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