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Estel, short form for "Estensibile Stella", was founded by Alfredo Stella in the 1930s. In its almost 90 years of history the company followed a rather transversal but always open and clear vision of how to manufature furniture for both residential and office ambients. Its products fit perfectly in the home, in the office and public areas. Interested in testing new forms and solutions, applying new developed materials as well as time-proven raw materials, Estel manages to keep a unique balance between tradition and innovation. Past and present are communicating intimately and tell about passion, diligence and finest details of every form chosen. The final product is a result of a comprehensive cooperation between Alberto Stella, the designers, the sales management and the artisans in the production area. Estel's projects are also closely related to some of the great names in the history of international design: from Marco Piva to Alessandro Scandurra, from Monica Bernasconi to Patrick Norguet. Estel furnishings are available from over 40 authorized retailers worldwide. ... More ... less



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