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Since it was founded, the company has played a fundamental role in the leadership researching raw materials and production processes, providing solutions for ceramic applications in the hands of great professionals, developing special pieces such as steps, corners, angles, gutters, pool edging, etc. these facts position Exagres as a leading manufacturer in Europe. Innovation and development are transferred to the market through the voice of a talented, friendly team that is capable to listen to each of the needs of their customers and professionals. Currently, Exagres is strengthened of 40 years of technological innovation, knowledge and understanding of multiple needs in order to achieve quality products, creating added value through a culture of integral management and continuous improvement, based on the quality of the service and product, environmental protection and the health and safety of the people who form part of our company.

The requirements of architecture vary over time, therefore, EXAGRES proposes solutions and surfaces that guarantee high levels of technical and aesthetic qualities while also respecting the needs of the construction. The Exagres product, with its unique manufacturing system, extrusion, is capable of generating different formats and types of special pieces, thus facilitating placement by a professional. The Exagres series guarantee functionality and a high aesthetic content in each type of project. At Exagres we are environmentally responsible. For this reason we use the appropriate management tools to guarantee quality, environment, safety and health. Exagres joins the BIM work system, distributing its ceramic products to the agents involved in building.

Some marketing tools/BIM of this brand in Archiproducts are likely to be co-financed by funds from the European Union. ... More ... less

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