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21-24 September 2017 / United Kingdom, London




London Design Fair

Puik: the Dutch Touch
Officine Tamborrino goes to London
Morgan Ruben at Enlightened Design II
Compact & Cosy Sofa: Longueville Lounge
From Lisbon to London
From Componibili to New Products
Golden Fractals by Marc de Groot
RILUC. Authenticity of Materials, Bold Creativity
Bernotat&Co at Enlightened Design II
Arnout Visser at Enlightened Design II
Vij5 launches Dressed Cabinet
First, geometry. Then, colour
Wik & Walsøe. Winter Stories
Stele: One size. Six Different Functions
Formafantasma, Defne Koz and Tomas Krale for Nude
Fiori table by Poiat
The first Form&Seek collection launching during London Design Festival
New Launches and New Features at London Design Fair
The New MIMA Collection by John Eadon
Finnish Form Pavilion at London Design Fair 2017
‘Rustiles’ at London Design Fair
Morphe: Paper Mache and Light
The New Edition of the London Design Fair 2017
Aretusa: Sicilian traditions meet design and high tech