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25-29 October 2016 / Germany, Cologne





Moai chair inspired by sea pebbles
From folding table to acoustic partition
Acoustic comfort + aesthetic
New workspaces by Fantoni presented at Orgatec
Pacific Chair. Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby
Versatility, lightness, interaction. Alias office
Black Tone collection by JMM
Acme and Verve. Pure design, scandinavian identity
Virus. Togetherness everywhere
Kristalia at Orgatec
Retro inspirations. Claesson Koivisto Rune + Tacchini
You & Me by Simone Micheli
Ray: strength within movement
AÏKU by Jean-Marie Massaud
Versatile, personal, intimate, shared spaces
HEY-SIGN for the Office
Live. Work. Meet. True Design at Orgatec
Dynamic design and comfort for workspaces
Cloverleaf In and Outdoor by Verpan
The Office is friendly with Stand-by System
Ironic office: Pedrali at Orgatec 2016
Máni. Extreme simplicity
delaOliva @ Orgatec 2016
Cyl: the antithesis of the cold, technical office environment