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Design not only as a set of ideas, lines, combinations of materials, but as a vehicle to improve the quality of life. This is the concept of Extremis creations, an international reality that designs and sells, among others, picnic tables, chairs and benches for outdoor use. A collection of products appreciated all over the world that, starting from the headquarters in Poperinge, Belgium, meets the tastes of design lovers. A company that from day one was devoted to design, and that continues to amaze with a production philosophy that wants to give new importance to outdoor furniture. For Extremis, furniture becomes a means of aggregation, capable of bringing happiness into people's lives. Extremis creations are born to solve problems, not as the result of a mere exercise in style. And with fewer problems, the quality of life improves, increasing the desire to be together and communicate. If design is to aggregate, production must remain sustainable. Over the years, Extremis has repeatedly reaffirmed its vocation as an environmentalist. Every product of the company is made in Belgium using eco-sustainable materials and using efficient production techniques. Several awards and awards from Extremis: German Design Award products in 2019, as well as Green Good Design and DME Award Sustainability. While environmental sustainability is one of the pillars of Extremis' action, the other is definitely innovation. In this context, the company has received the Interior Innovation Award, the Red Dot Award and theIF Gold Award.

Sitting, picnic tables, garden benches: Extremis products

Extremis stands out internationally with the Gargantua picnic table, which has become a real outdoor design classic over time. The brand loves to span between the different dimensions of outdoor furniture and more: the Romeo & Juliet garden bench is designed to bring a touch of green in urban settings, while the Hopper table is suitable for closed offices and studios, as a meeting table. Also available as a picnic table with integrated benches, it is part of the award-winning Hopper collection, one of the most appreciated by the brand, which also includes the Hopper Shade gazebo. Essential and squared lines are those of the Tiki line stools, as well as those of the Acacia stainless steel umbrella. The approach of Extremis is the same for office furniture too, aimed at offering design furniture capable of providing pleasant experiences in any context: Captain's chair is a five-spoke seat with armrests inspired by the position of the captain of a yacht. The message, once again, is clear: design and harmony of form are the starting point for a personal and interactive journey, which finds in interior and exterior furnishings its ideal medium.

The Extremis furniture as aggregation tools

Extremis was founded in 1994 by Dirk Wynants. The idea to pursue is immediately clear: to create garden beds, furniture for relaxation rooms and furnishing accessories that allow you to make the most of your outdoor and indoor environments. The design thus becomes a means to live pleasant moments together with your friends, or to relax at the end of a tiring day. Many creative people have chosen to work in collaboration with Extremis. In addition to Dirk Wynants, the company's founder, Arnold Merckx also plays a leading role. The Dutch interior designer, appreciated throughout Europe, was awarded the gold medal at the Handwerksmesse in Munich. The creative projects of Metrica, an Italian reality carried out by Robin Rizzini and Lucio Leonelli, enrich the Extremis catalogue of furnishings dominated by white, some of the company's best sellers, such as the Marina Picnic garden table, a single table block with side benches that can be combined with other elements for a hypothetically infinite length. Designer Xavier Lust designed for Extremis a table halfway between furniture and artwork: PicNik is a single table block with integrated benches, made from an aluminum sheet. Danny Venlet, finally, also gives an artistic dignity to an element like the ice bucket with Icecube. A proposal that reaffirms the philosophy of the company, devoted to the creation of works that encourage socialization and the exchange of ideas. ... More ... less

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