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Faringdon / United Kingdom

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Factory Furniture was established in 1989 designing and making handmade custom interior pieces. Our first product, the ‘Serpentine Seat’ we launched with the help of the Crafts Council at the New York Furniture Fair and within a few years we were specialising in exterior furniture.
Today, we draw on our pragmatic approach coupled with our understanding of materials and processes to produce products of consistent high quality with rigorous attention to detail. Our public furniture is still hand-made in house by our experienced, design and manufacturing team, selecting only the best materials for each product.
After 30 years of experience working closely with architects and place designers we possess the insight and experience into the demands of public spaces and the needs of the people who use them. The same ethos still applies as when we created our Serpentine Seat, we design and make furniture to endure and enjoy. ... More ... less





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