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Ferroluce is a company specialized in the production of lamps that was established in 1982 from Miriam and Valter Valentinuz’s desire to safeguard and convey the italian craftsmanship excellence. all products come from the love and respect for both tradition and materials used: simplicity, antique values and that feeling of times gone by. This feeling still belongs to us and we wish to perpetuate it by recreating a unique atmosphere in terms of style and elegance in every home, restaurant and hotel.

The production is performed exclusively in italy and each item combines the harmony of shapes with the constant research of new chromatic alchemies; through its own unique personality each item, completely handmade, stands out of the monotony that can be found in products manufactured in series.

Thanks to the support of Monica and Giulio, the founders’ daughter and son, Ferroluce is now a modern, young and dynamic reality that, inspired by its experience, aspires to a world wide recognition. ... More ... less




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